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The Neighbourhood Development Plan 
10th September 2020
The Inspector, appointed by the NNDC, has now reported upon the draft NDP submitted to him for approval. He has proved to take a very heavy hand to the Policies the PC Working Group had drafted and put before the District Council, and consulted widely upon, contrary to the “light touch” that we understand to be the norm. Please find a link to his report on this page and to a copy of the “Referendum Version” of the NDP, which has now been approved by the NNDC and will be taken into account in all Planning applications both pending and made in the future. The government have delayed all Referenda until May 2021 due to Covid, but the Referendum Version of the NDP will henceforward be given consideration despite the absence of the Referendum
Inspector's Report
NDP Referendum Version
For enquiries about the Neighbourhood Plan contact Mike Rundle, Ryburgh Neighbourhood Plan Working Group on 01328 829472 or email ryburghndp@gmail.com 

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