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What is the NDP

The public meeting on 12th July was an explanation to the community of what an NDP is and a call to the individuals in the community to express their views on what planning policies might be included in the NDP in order to safeguard the best in Ryburgh  during the development that will take place over the next 20 years.

"Planning Policies" is an unfortunate term because people with no experience of the planning process may shy away from expressing a view and therefore it was made clear that the writing of policies will be the problem of the Working Group and what is needed is individuals "blue sky thinking" of what they would want to see protected and what they would like to see in their village over the next 20 years.

Ideas/views can be e-mailed to or written down and posted into the NDP box at the village shop.

The Working Group met to discuss the responses already received on 8th August and to decide how to proceed in order to have the best possible level of consultation. Villagers who showed interest by coming on the 12th will be contacted individually, if they have not already submitted a response. In due course the responses will enable the Working Group to issue a questionnaire dealing with issues raised. Following full consultation the Working Group will write a "first draft" that will be put to the village for comments and Propose a further public meeting to discuss the draft. 

Please submit your ideas if you have not already done so. To be acceptable to the Authorities we must demonstrate that the NPD is the will of the community after the widest possible consultation."


There are 690 (or thereabouts) residents in the Parish of Ryburgh and in the region of 30 businesses. To make a success of the village all the occupants need to work together. The Localism Act 2011 provides a basis upon which this co-operation can take place – the Neighbourhood Development Plan or “NDP”.

An NDP gives the community the opportunity to influence the development that takes place in the Parish in the coming years. The legislation requires the Parish Council to prepare a plan identifying the best aspects of the village and the planning policies required to preserve them, and proposing policies with a view to improving the village over the next 20 years, for future generations.

It is a requirement of an NDP that the widest possible consultation of all the parishioners should take place. Once drafted the NDP will be put to the vote, and the parishioners will decide, by a majority, whether the plan will be adopted and put in force with the District Council as a planning document.

So, in order to make a success of the NDP the Working Group who are progressing the NDP on behalf of the Parish Council need the involvement, by the contribution of your individual views, of as many persons in the village as possible. This Website Page is intended to play a part in communication between the Working Group and the village.  The Working Group will post information about the progress of the NDP here and, by virtue of the links to Twitter, Facebook and by means of the dedicated e-mail address parishioners will be able to post their ideas upon what might be included in the NDP and their comments upon proposals, as they develop.


The Working Party has started the process of the NDP and will shortly be announcing a date for a first village meeting when the scheme can be introduced and explained.

Please feel able to let the Working Party know your views now and in the future, so that they can be taken into account

Let us know your thoughts via the RyburghNDP Facebook page, via Twitter to @RyburghNDP, or using the form below:

Ryburgh Parish Council | | Parish Clerk - Patsy Adams | 07920 776979

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