The Neighbourhood Plan (NDP has been submitted to North Norfolk District Council.  The Plan has reached the latter stages of the process, an Independent Inspector is shortly to be appointed. If he is satisfied  that the process has been followed correctly there will be the Village referendum. 
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            NDP Final Version

By chance, during this period of NDP Consultation, Planning applications by Crisp Maltings have been lodged with NNDC and are entering the planning process. NNDC is duty bound to consider these in a timely manner and to be impartial. The applications contradict some of the policies in the NDP. For instance they will generate more HGV traffic which may or may not go through the village, contrary to Policy 1 of the NDP. They propose 50 houses, contrary to the housing expansion by infill which is Policy 3 of the NDP. The NDP will not be Planning Policy for the Parish until confirmed by the village referendum and little weight may be given to it in the planning process when consideration is given to the Crisp applications. However, if you are in support of the policies in the NDP and make that known it will be a further indication to the planners of the attitude of the village towards the  Crisp applications.

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